Travelling with the “Bump”

When my doctor said “Unless you have complications, travelling during pregnancy is perfectly safe if you do it correctly”, I knew I had to make the most of it.

The Girl With A Box of Memories.

There lived a girl in a bustling city, With dark long hair and a smile so pretty. Not a plan in place, no agenda she had, No matter who annoyed her, she rarely got mad.

Venturous Valentine.

They say,  if you really want to get to know your partner, go on a trip together… Having taken quite a few trips in the three years of knowing each other, let me share 14 absolutely mad things that I have learnt about my travel companion a.k.a the husband.

Gorgeous Galle

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, YOU HAVE GOT TO VISIT GALLE! Galle is easily my favourite little town from my visit to Sri Lanka.

Beach Baby.

I am obsessed with the ocean. Everyone around me can vouch for this. It has almost never been that I haven’t tried to fit a beach into my holiday plans. Based on the number of beach destinations I have covered so far, following is my list of  the best beaches across the world.

Kodaikanal – ‘The Gift of the Forest’

Kodaikanal, or lovingly known as “Kodai or Kodi”, is a  charming hill station on the southern crest of the upper Palani Hills near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The magnificent rocks, woods, lovely lake and clean air, make Kodaikanal a beautiful holiday destination.

In Love with Ladakh

From the verdant Kashmir valley to the torrid terrain of Ladakh, from the pristinely peaceful Pangong Tso to the ferocious flow of the Zanskar, from the serene silence of the monasteries to the majestic mountains that still seem to echo the gunshots of the Kargil war, here’s a land that truly is India’s crowning glory.

Gastronomic Bangalore!

I am in love with Bangalore for several reasons. To begin with, my dearest friends live there, the weather is almost always great and last but definitely not the least, there is always plenty of food!

Ubud – The Perfect Urban Village

Ubud greets you with a lot of happy vibes. The winding roads are interspersed with rice fields and artistic murals. It gives you a balanced combination of cultural experiences and adventurous activities. The weather is mostly perfect; you might experience rains, but they transform the village into a green heaven.